Demi Moore & Rumer Willis

Demi Moore began her career in the entertainment industry as a model before finally making her way into the acting scene. Initially gaining recognition for her performance in films like St. Elmo’s Fire, About Last Night, and Blame It on Rio, Demi then garnered even more fame after starring in projects such as A Few Good Men, Ghost, and Indecent Proposal.

Along with inheriting her looks, Demi’s daughter, Rumer Willis, also has quite a fondness for acting. Debuting with an acting credit in 1995’s Now and Then with mama Demi, Rumer has since worked on other movies such as Sorority Row, Hostage, and most recently, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Besides gracing the big and small screens, the actress has also had several modeling gigs through the years, working with brands like Vanity Fair, The Sunday Times, Page Six, and Us Weekly.