Admit it, you do not simply love celebrities for their great acting but for their incredible bone structures, too. It’s difficult to not be allured by their almost-perfect beauty, after all, from their flawless skin to the symmetry of their faces. They look like gods walking with people on earth.

When the time comes that these celebrities have their own kids, we can surely expect them to inherit not just their facial features but their physique, too. Add to that the fact that most celebrities will have good-looking partners. Their children will surely not lack in the looks department.

You all know that having a degree of ethereal beauty will be their ticket to Hollywood—their talent will just be the second question.

Think of the celebrity kids who have luckily inherited their parents’ good looks. There are a few on this list, including Suri Cruise, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, Gigi Hadid, and more.

Though some of them have yet to join the entertainment world, they’re still celebrities thanks to their Hollywood parents.

Check out this list of celebrity kids who look exactly like their parents; you will have a second look.

Jude Law & Rafferty Law

Can you believe that Jude Law now has a 24-year-old son? Yes, he does, and the kid is Rafferty Law (or Raff, for short). The young Law has his father’s eyes and hair; looking at him feels like looking at a young Jude. Their similarities are uncanny — it is hair-raising. Raff is now grown-up and has followed in his dad’s footsteps.

He has already received several acting credits, appearing in different movie shorts. Raff will also star in Twist, the modern retelling of the Charles Dickens’ classic, Oliver Twist. He’ll be working with great performers such as Rita Ora, Lena Heady, Michael Caine, and Noel Clarke. However, acting is not the only thing Raff does. He is also into music. He is a DJ, in fact, and a member of the band Outer Stella Drive. With his looks, you can trust Raff is also a model.

John Legend & Miles Stephens

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s son, Miles Stephens, looks like a miniature version of his father. In every inch, he looks like his dad, especially his eyes. Born in May 2018, the kid is only three years old today but he is already showing some incredible similarities with Legend. The proud parents cannot help but gush about their little boy on social media, and other stars have chimed in, too. Jennifer Garner loves the degree of cuteness Miles has, revealing that her own kids with Ben Affleck are already threatened by his looks.

At his age, it is hard to know whether Miles will decide to be a singer and a performer like his father or a model like his mom. However, in some of Legend and Teigen’s posts, one can see that the kid enjoys playing musical instruments. Does this mean he is set to conquer the stage, too?

Gwyneth Paltrow & Apple Martin

Gwyneth Paltrow shares two kids with her former husband, Chris Martin. Her daughter, Apple Martin, looks just like her. It seems like the actress has given birth to herself because of their incredible resemblance. Indeed, starting from Gwyneth’s mom, we now have three generations of Paltrow who look exactly like each other. Apple appears to have inherited her whole face from her mother. She has her mother’s blue eyes, nose, lips, and face shape. Anyhow, we hope she has inherited her mom’s knack for good investment planning, too.

Apple is now 17 years old. It remains to be seen whether she will follow in her mom’s footsteps or not, though many believe she aspires to be like her father. As a kid, Paltrow would often bring her to her dad’s gigs. Who knows, maybe she’ll be churning out hit after hit in the future just like her father.

Gordon Ramsay & Jack Scott Ramsay

Should a film about the life of Gordon Ramsay ever be made, his son, Jack Scott Ramsay, should be the first choice to play the chef. They look identical, after all. These two look very much like each other; they have the same hair color, hairstyle, face shape, smile, and more. Jack looks like a young Gordon Ramsay, no doubt. However, unlike his father, the younger Ramsay seems to have no interest in cooking.

He joined the UK’s Royal Marines and created his own path. He got his degree from Exeter University, making not just his papa but his mama and his whole family proud. No wonder Gordon brags about his son a lot on social media. He said he can’t express just how proud he was of his child. Even football star David Beckham congratulated Jack for getting his degree.

Reese Witherspoon & Ava Elizabeth Philippe

If you haven’t seen Reese Witherspoon when she was young, just look at her daughter, Ava Elizabeth Philippe. Reese is another star on this list who seems to have given birth to a carbon copy of herself. The 45-year-old star’s 21-year-old child has the same look she had when she was young, from the eyes to the lips, and more.

Philippe already joined the world of Hollywood, and she is quite talented, just like her mother. She already has a glorious modeling career, and she even got a ton of credit for her involvement in Rodarte’s Fall 2018 collection. Despite her successes, Philippe has kept her feet on the ground. She doesn’t seem to be living large, and is staying as grounded as possible. The young Witherspoon is focused and very down-to-earth. Like a true Hollywood icon, fans have a lot to watch out for from Philippe herself. Who knows, she may work together with her mom in a show or movie in the future.

Liam Gallagher & Lennon Gallagher

Lennon Gallagher does not just look like his father, Liam Gallagher. He also followed his father’s footsteps into the entertainment world. He also parties hard like his dad does and uses his credit card here and there. Lennon launched an acoustic band that was inspired by Liam’s Oasis, and he got his dad’s full support.

Liam said in an interview that he no longer stops his kids from doing certain things. He just lets them do what they want and is perfectly content to sit on the sidelines. The singer continued that Lennon, along with his three siblings, is now on their own. Sure, Liam tells them what they shouldn’t do, but it is their call at the end of the day. Since he’s been around and experienced a lot, Liam wants his kids to know they can come to him anytime.

Kate Moss & Grace Moss Hack

Kate Moss has only one child — Lila Grace Moss Hack. The kid inherited her mom’s supermodel vibes, and although she’s followed her mother’s footsteps into the fashion world, she has her own style. At 18 years old, she has her own perspective regarding clothing that represents her generation. Mind you, she doesn’t intend to make a hefty investment in dresses that will give her everyone’s attention. Hack opts for the most comfortable pieces that are subtly chic.

She still enjoys her age, doing normal teen activities, and keeping things as casual as possible. Despite that, Hack still has the same sense of appreciation as her mother. Just like Moss, she regularly sits at the front row of fashion shows during fashion week and effortlessly wears designer pieces with ease. By the look of it, Hack is a Kate Moss in the making.

Tish Cyrus & Miley Cyrus

If Tish Cyrus’ surname rings a bell, it is because she is the mother of the world-famous pop star Miley Cyrus. Though Miley is famous for being the child of her equally famous dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, she is the spitting image of her mom. Though the older Cyrus credits her as a “bratty millennial,” it cannot be denied that Tish fully supports her daughter. Miley, alternatively, has already acknowledged she could be the “biggest brat of all history” when it comes to her dad and mom.

Though Miley fights with her parents whenever she is home, they remain a close family. Miley added that she and Tish often finish each other’s sentences—that is how close they are. By the looks of it, Miley did not only inherit her mother’s face but a bunch of other things, too.

Robin Wright & Dylan Penn

The first time Robin Wright walked the red-carpeted flooring of a special event with her daughter, Dylan Penn, people were shocked at how similar they looked. Dylan is now 30 years old and is a model and actress like her mom. Though she started early in the business, it’s only recently that she had her first-ever lead role — thanks to her parents.

This time, she’ll be working with her father, Sean Penn, in the movie Flag Day, which follows the story of a child and her dad. The film is a family feature that also stars her brother, Hopper Jack Penn. Dylan aspires to be a director like her dad someday, which explains why she does a lot of production assisting on different movie sets. She also did a lot of music videos, TV shows, and print shoots. In time, Dylan is confident that she can reach her dreams.

Catherine Zeta-Jones & Carys Zeta Douglas

Catherine Zeta-Jones has two kids, and one of them is Carys Zeta Douglas. The kid is now all grown-up and at 18 years old, it’s clear that she’s extremely beautiful, just like her mom. Douglas is yet to join the entertainment world, although she comes from Hollywood royalty. She just finished high school, and she might now be working for her college degree.

However, Zeta-Jones has no qualms about her kids following in their footsteps. Talking about her own experience, the A-list star revealed she had extraordinary experiences as an actor. Despite this, she encourages her kids to do what they love. She and her husband made sure that their kids have many career options. She knows there is tremendous pressure waiting for them, especially since they are celebrity kids. Anyhow, knowing how passionate Douglas can be, Zeta-Jones is sure to give her full support to whatever her kids might decide.

David Beckham & Brooklyn Beckham

David and Victoria Beckham’s eldest child, Brooklyn Beckham, is now 22 years old, and he looks exactly like his father. They have the same sets of eyes — which can make any woman melt. Though the celebrity kid did not follow in his parents’ footsteps, he does do a bit of modeling like them. He, too, created his own path and became a photographer.

He pursued a photography degree at the Parsons School of Design in New York. Brooklyn then returned to the UK for a photography internship in 2018. After a year, he became an intern for the British photographer, Rankin. Eventually, Brooklyn created his first-ever book of photography called what I see, published in 2017. Despite the negative reviews and criticism, his publisher, Random House, defended the book and said it reflected the interests of his then-fellow teenagers.

Cindy Crawford & Kaia Gerber

Another supermodel in the making is Cindy Crawford’s daughter, Kaia Gerber. The 19-year-old star is a model like her mom and is an actress, too. From their stand to their beauty, the similarities are incredible. Gerber already received a ton of credit for her work in modeling. She’s been able to star in a series of ad campaigns for different fashion brands since she debuted at Fashion Week in 2017. She also won the Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards.

That is not all; Gerber also worked with her mom for Omega’s brand campaign as well as for three Vogue magazine covers. Despite her young age, Gerber is now preparing for her future. She is one of the high-profile investors who bought W Magazine. Gerber, too, is busy making a name as an actress, having appeared on the tenth season of American Horror Story.

Emma Thompson & Gaia Romilly Wise

They have the same pixie hair, lips, style, and more — it cannot be denied that Gaia Romilly Wise looks like her mom, Emma Thompson. Luckily, Wise also inherited the incredible acting talent of her mother. She is a compelling creative and actress, and there is more that fans need to know about Wise.

Wise has already appeared in a number of movies. She is an environmental activist along with her mother, who is a Greenpeace activist. Because of her love for the environment, Wise experienced being bullied in high school. She was repeatedly taunted for her activities, but she did not mind. She made it on her own and finished her online classes through homeschool.  Thankfully, Gaia’s father, Greg Wise, built her a room within a garden so she can be closer to nature. She spent the rest of her high school outdoors.

Daniel Day-Lewis & Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis

Daniel Day-Lewis’ son, Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis, looks every inch like him. He has his dad’s eyes, and when he looks at you, it feels like Daniel himself is looking at you. However, looks are not the only thing that Gabriel inherited from his dad. They are both intelligent, sensitive, tattooed, and not to mention, passionate about their craft. The younger Day-Lewis is into fashion and music, too.

Gabriel was already able to drop his first single, Ink in My Veins. Though many believe the song was about his tattoos, he cleared that it was about the therapeutic value of music and the release he gets when he writes a piece. Like his dad, Gabriel has many tattoos—too many that he already lost count. Knowing he and his father both love art, they are making themselves their own canvases. Indeed, they’ve made a considerable investment just to get the best tattoos from the most famous artists.

Jerry Hall & Georgia May Jagger

For a journey to begin, sometimes we just need to be at the right place at the right time. Well, such was the case for Jerry Hall, who was discovered by a fashion agent during a vacation at a beach. Not long after, she began her career posing as a siren for Roxy Music’s 1975 album Siren. Since then, along with modeling for Andy Warhol a couple of times, Hall has also landed an acting credit for films such as Batman, Urban Cowboy, and stage plays like Bus Stop and High Society.

Hall’s daughter, Georgia May Jagger, was born on January 12, 1992. Like a literal case of “like mother, like daughter,” Georgia began her modeling career in 2008. Since then, she has had the chance to work for big-name figures in the business like Versace, Louis Vuitton, and Miu Miu. Along with gracing the walkways, Georgia has also dabbled in behind-the-scenes work as a fashion designer.

Susan Sarandon & Eva Amurri

Before making her way to the entertainment industry, Susan Sarandon worked a variety of jobs, such as cleaning houses, as a switchboard operator, and cutting hair. A graduate of The Catholic University of America with a Bachelor of Arts degree in drama, Susan then debuted with a film role in 1970’s Joe. Since then, she has become most known for her work on titles such as A World Apart, Thelma & Louise, and Dead Man Walking.

Eva Amurri, Susan’s daughter with director Franco Amurri, began her career under the spotlight in 2002. It was for that year’s movie The Banger Sisters, where she starred as Susan’s on-screen daughter. Right after, Eva appeared in a couple of other projects, including a guest appearance in Friends, How I Met Your Mother, and starring roles in Californication, Middle of Nowhere, and That’s My Boy. Nowadays, though, she prefers to focus more of her time as a blogger and influencer.

Vanessa Paradis & Lily-Rose Depp

For her start in the music industry, Vanessa Paradis undoubtedly has her uncle to thank, who gave her an opportunity to perform in the kid’s talent show, L’École des fans. Born on December 22, 1972, Vanessa then released her first single, La Magie des surprises-parties, when she was around 11 years old. Since then, along with starring in a couple of films, the singer has been a spokesmodel for the Chanel fashion brand.

Even from afar, it goes without saying that Vanessa and her daughter, Lily-Rose Depp, share an impressive degree of resemblance. While she may not have established a career in music, Lily made her way into the acting scene, debuting with a cameo in the Kevin Smith-directed film Tusk. She then followed it up with roles for other projects such as A Faithful Man, Planetarium, and more recently, The King.

Meryl Streep & Grace Gummer

At this point, most of us probably already know Meryl Streep. Often taking credit for being regarded as the best of her generation, Streep began her career as a stage actress and garnered widespread praise for her performance in productions of A Memory of Two Mondays and 27 Wagons Full of Cotton. Since then, she has made quite a name for herself on the big and small screens, starring in titles such as Big Little Lies, Sophie’s Choice, The Iron Lady, and The Devil Wears Prada.

Her daughter, Grace Gummer, eventually followed in her footsteps. Born May 9, 1986, Grace debuted with a part in 1993’s The House of the Spirits – she went by the stage name Jane Grey. Since then, along with a couple of stints in the theater scene, Grace has become most known for her work on TV shows such as The American Horror Story: Freak Show and Mr. Robot.

Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise

Even during her years in school, Katie Holmes was already quite fond of acting. During high school, Katie performed in a couple of school productions, notably in musicals like Hello, Dolly. Well, in retrospect, perhaps it’s safe to say that stint ultimately became quite an investment for her Hollywood career. Debuting with a film role in 1997’s The Ice Storm, Katie is now often known for her performance in Batman Begins, Logan Lucky, and The Singing Detective.

Outside the spotlight, Katie is a loving mother for her only daughter, Suri Cruise. Born on April 18, 2006, the adorable Suri has since become the actress’ mini-me. Besides having a close resemblance, this mother-daughter duo also shares a similar taste in fashion! With that said, while it’s still unknown whether Suri will pursue an acting career or not, it’s safe to say mama Katie will support her every step of the way.

Lisa Bonet & Zoë Kravitz

For her start in the entertainment industry, Lisa Bonet participated in a couple of beauty competitions and landed guest roles for TV shows. After a while, she finally got her first big shot to fame with an acting credit as Denise Huxtable in The Cosby Show and its spin-off series, A Different World. Along the way, she also had the chance to work on other projects such as Life on Mars, Road to Paloma, and Biker Boyz.

Along with being the spitting image of her mother, Zoë Kravitz is now one of Hollywood’s rising stars. Debuting with a role in 2007’s No Reservations, Zoë has since become most known for her performance in projects such as X-Men: First Class, the Divergent movies, and her voice-acting gig as Catwoman in The Lego Batman Movie. Speaking of Catwoman, she is also set to reprise the latter-mentioned role in the upcoming live-action Batman movie.

Bette Midler & Sophie von Haselberg

After performing in several stage productions, Bette Midler got her first shot to fame as a singer, with many of her songs reaching the top of the charts. Not long after, she also garnered a skyrocketing degree of praise and recognition for her work in the movie scene, starring in titles such as Outrageous Fortune, Down and Out in Beverly Hills, and The Rose, which won her a Golden Globe for Best Actress.

In more recent years, Midler’s daughter, Sophie von Haselberg, has also made her way into the entertainment industry. Inspired by her mother, Sophie started her career in the theater scene performing in a production of Billy and Ray. A year later, in 2015, she had the chance to land a part in Woody Allen’s film titled Irrational Man. With her performance in the movie even impressing the filmmaker, it’s safe to say Sophie’s rise to stardom is still far from over.

Goldie Hawn & Kate Hudson

Throughout childhood, Goldie Hawn had a knack for dancing. Taking ballet and tap dancing classes when she was as young as three years old, Goldie eventually had the chance to showcase her talents in productions of The Nutcracker and Can-Can. Nowadays, though, it’s safe to say most fans know Goldie as an actress who has appeared in films such as Private Benjamin, The Sugarland Express, and Cactus Flower.

By the looks of it, charm isn’t the only thing that runs in Goldie’s family. Following in her mother’s footsteps, Kate Hudson began her career when she was 11 years old performing on stage plays. A few years later, she got her big shot to fame as a film actress. Since then, she has landed an acting credit for movies like Almost Famous, Deepwater Horizon, Marshall, and Music. Outside the acting scene, Kate has released two books titled Pretty Happy and Pretty Fun, and also runs a podcast with her brother Oliver called Sibling Revelry.

Jennifer Garner & Violet Affleck

Like many of her colleagues, Jennifer Garner began her journey into the acting scene on the stage. While studying for her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in theater performance, Jennifer performed in a couple of stage productions. Well, thanks to these early stints in the business, she eventually made her way into the movie scene. Since then, Jennifer is often recognized for her work in projects such as Alias, 13 Going on 30, Daredevil, and Valentine’s Day.

At this point in the article, we’ve already seen a couple of kids who look so much like their parents. Well, another duo who would fit right in would be the Elektra actress and her daughter, Violet Affleck. Violet is now enjoying her teens and could even pose as Jennifer’s younger sister! With that said, while she may not have any interest in pursuing an acting career just yet, it sure looks like Violet has recently become a celebrity in her own right.

Uma Thurman & Maya Hawke

Uma Thurman is undoubtedly a figure many film enthusiasts recognize at this point. Beginning her career as a model, Thurman has since received praise for appearing in various movie genres, including romance, drama, action, and sci-fi. With that said, a couple of notable titles she now has to her credit include Pulp Fiction, the Kill Bill movies, The House That Jack Built, and Dangerous Liaisons.

Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction director Quentin Tarantino recently shared an idea for a possible Kill Bill: Volume 3 movie. Along with Thurman reprising her role, the filmmaker expressed his enthusiasm for having the actress’ daughter, Maya Hawke, star as Thurman’s on-screen daughter. Needless to say, the concept wowed fans around the world. With that said, while a third installment is still far from happening, Maya has already showcased her acting skills with roles in Stranger Things, Little Women, and Fear Street Part One: 1994.

Tina Fey & Alice Zenobia Richmond

For her start in comedy, Tina Fey spent her first years in the scene with The Second City improv comedy troupe. After a while, she made her way to performing in a couple of gigs and also landed a spot in Saturday Night Live. Since then, she has also made a couple of investments behind the scenes as a producer, notably for projects like 30 Rock and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Besides acting, Tina is also a loving mother of two kids. Her eldest daughter, Alice Zenobia Richmond, has already dipped her toes in the acting scene. Although her only role so far is as the seven-year-old version of her mom’s on-screen persona in 30 Rock, it’s safe to say Alice already has plenty of potential in this line of work. Perhaps we might even see the mother-daughter duo share the screen together.

Julianne Moore & Liv Freundlich

Before making her way into the entertainment industry, Julianne Moore first worked as a waitress. After a while, she landed a couple of gigs as a stage actress before finally getting her on-screen debut in The Edge of Night. Since then, the award-winning actress has starred in films such as Jurassic Park, The Hours, The Big Lebowski, and Hannibal.

Meanwhile, her daughter, Liv Freundlich, got her first acting gig at three years old with a role in 2005’s Trust the Man, directed by her father and starring her mother. Not long after, Liv followed it up with a role in The Rebound. Nowadays, though, she is focusing most of her time studying for her university degree, though she has landed a modeling gig along the way. Well, whatever career she does pursue in the future, rest assured that her parents will always have her back.

Demi Moore & Rumer Willis

Demi Moore began her career in the entertainment industry as a model before finally making her way into the acting scene. Initially gaining recognition for her performance in films like St. Elmo’s Fire, About Last Night, and Blame It on Rio, Demi then garnered even more fame after starring in projects such as A Few Good Men, Ghost, and Indecent Proposal.

Along with inheriting her looks, Demi’s daughter, Rumer Willis, also has quite a fondness for acting. Debuting with an acting credit in 1995’s Now and Then with mama Demi, Rumer has since worked on other movies such as Sorority Row, Hostage, and most recently, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Besides gracing the big and small screens, the actress has also had several modeling gigs through the years, working with brands like Vanity Fair, The Sunday Times, Page Six, and Us Weekly.

Angelina Jolie & Shiloh Jolie-Pitt

Often regarded as one of Hollywood’s superstars, Angelina Jolie began her career around the 1980s. Along with garnering widespread recognition for her work throughout that period, the actress eventually rose to stardom with her performance as the titular lead in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Since then, she has worked on movies such as Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Maleficent, and is set to star in the upcoming Marvel flick, The Eternals.

Of course, at this point, many of us know that Angelina is a very supportive parent for her kids. With that in mind, we can rest assured that the Tomb Raider star will always have her kids’ backs. With that said, while she hasn’t made any investments in her career of choice yet, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt has already made quite a name for herself among the actress’ fans. Now enjoying her early teens, Shiloh can often be spotted tagging along with her mom and siblings.

Tom Hanks & Colin Hanks

Another figure who will forever remain as one of Hollywood’s greatest actors, Tom Hanks began his career like many of his colleagues. Starting with mostly small roles for not-so-popular projects, Tom eventually made his way to the public radar thanks to his performance in comedies like Bachelor Party, Big, and Splash. Since then, he has garnered a high degree of praise for his work in titles like Forrest Gump, the Toy Story animated movies, Saving Private Ryan, and The Green Mile.

If you think you’re seeing double, there’s no need to worry because that’s just Tom’s son, Colin Hanks. Along with the father-son duo sharing a remarkable resemblance, Colin is also making his way into the entertainment industry. Beginning his career around the late 1990s, the actor has had the chance to star in projects such as Band of Brothers, Dexter, King Kong, and the new Jumanji films. Hopefully, in the future, the two will share a lead role for a movie or a series.

Yolanda Hadid & Gigi Hadid

Yolanda Hadid is a well-known Dutch-American television personality and model. She’s best known for appearing in the hit reality television show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Besides modeling and television work, Yolanda is also known as the mother of famous IMG models Bella, Gigi, and Anwar Hadid.

It’s safe to say that Yolanda’s kids all followed in her footsteps in the modeling industry. Out of her three children, one cannot deny that she has an uncanny degree of resemblance with her famous daughter, Gigi. Gigi recently posted a throwback photo of Yolanda from her modeling days, and without a doubt, the mother-daughter duo look very similar in the photo. Yolanda and her daughter, Gigi, are certainly a classic case of like mother, like daughter, and it’s pretty evident where Gigi gets her good looks and knack for modeling.

Melanie Griffith & Dakota Johnson

Melanie Griffith is a famous American actress whose career began back in the 1970s. A decade later, Griffith achieved mainstream success, and she was able to accumulate numerous acting credits in various blockbuster films and television shows. Fast forward several decades later, and Griffith still continues to appear in several movie and television productions. The only difference now is that she’s a mother of three incredibly talented kids!

Melanie has three kids: Stella Banderas, Dakota Johnson, and Alexander Bauer. Interestingly, the three of them all have experience in the entertainment industry, and it’s safe to assume that they all got their knack for acting from their mother. Besides the passion for acting, Stella, Dakota, and Alexander also inherited their mother’s good looks. It’ll certainly be interesting to watch Melanie and her kids continue cultivating their individual acting careers in the years to come.

Tina Knowles & Beyonce

You could say that Tina Knowles played a significant contribution to the current state of the entertainment industry. She’s known for establishing brands such as Miss Tina by Tina Knowles and House of Dereon, and she’s also the mother of Beyonce and Solange Knowles. During Beyonce and Solange’s rise to stardom, Tina fully supported them, and she deserves a ton of credit for raising them the right way.

It’s incredibly difficult not to notice that Beyonce and Solange share an uncanny resemblance with their mother. You could say that both Beyonce and Solange inherited their good looks from their mother. Their good looks certainly became more magnified when they combined it with their talent in music and entertainment. Both continue to flourish in the entertainment industry while their mother, Tina, continues to excel as a businesswoman, fashion designer, and philanthropist.

Madonna & Lourdes Leon

Madonna is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable performers of all time. She’s popularly referred to as the “Queen of Pop,” and she’s considered one of the most influential people in popular culture. Besides her superstar status as a pop icon, Madonna is also a mother of six kids, and you could say that she’s got quite the brood.

As we said, Madonna is a doting mother of six children, and one of them is her eldest daughter named Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon. Lourdes was born back in 1996 while Madonna was dating actor and personal trainer Carlos Leon. Today, Lourdes is 24 years old, and this mother-daughter duo doesn’t just resemble each other, but they also share the same passion for performing. Lourdes is slowly cultivating a successful singing career for herself, and we have to credit her for following in her mother’s footsteps.

Will Smith& Jaden Smith

There’s no doubt that Will Smith is one of the most celebrated actors today. He’s an incredibly successful actor, rapper, and producer who has received several accolades, including five nominations for a Golden Globe Award, two Academy Awards, and four Grammy Awards. Interestingly, Will is also known for raising three children who all ended up following in his footsteps in showbusiness.

Will Smith certainly has a high-profile brood as his kids, Jaden, Willow, and Trey pursued a career in acting. All three of them hold acting credits in various films and television shows. It seems like Will’s kids also inherited the knack to succeed in multiple platforms as Willow and Jaden have been successful in business and music. Will continues to flourish as an actor, and it’ll certainly be interesting to see his kids succeed in their own fields in the years to come.

Christie Brinkley & Alexa Brinkley

Christie Brinkley is undoubtedly one of the most successful models in the modeling industry. Her success as a model made it a no-brainer to venture out into other platforms, including acting. Along with an illustrious modeling career, Christie accumulated prominent acting credits in various television shows and movies. Today, her life is far too different from her days as one of the world’s best supermodels as she’s a doting mother to three kids.

As we said, Christie is a mother to three kids, namely, Alexa Ray, Jack, and Sailor. She’s currently living with all three of them, and she could not be happier about spending precious time with all of them. Christie often shares photos of her family on her social media, and it’s pretty evident that Alexa Ray, Jack, and Sailor inherited Christie’s good looks. It’s certainly going to be interesting if Christie’s kids develop the same passion for modeling and acting in the years to come.

Jay-Z & Blue Ivy

Shawn Carter, famously known as Jay-Z, is one of the most successful American rappers of all time. He’s widely regarded as one of the most influential artists in the history of hip-hop. Jay-Z is also a successful record executive who cultivated major industry icons such as Rick Ross, Rihanna, and many more. Besides his success in music, he’s also known for his relationship with singer Beyonce Knowles and together, they share three kids.

Jay-Z is a doting father to three kids, namely, Blue Ivy, Rumi, and Sir. Jay-Z and Beyonce welcomed their eldest daughter, Blue Ivy, back in 2012 and twins Rumi and Sir four years ago in 2017. It’s certainly too early to tell if Jay-Z’s kids will soon follow in his footsteps in music. Regardless, we’re pretty confident that Jay-Z has all the investment money secured in order for them to pick out what they want to do when they grow up.

Heidi Klum & Leni Samuel

There’s certainly no question that Heidi Klum is one of the most successful models of all time. This German-American model appeared in several magazine covers throughout her career, and she was also the first German model to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Today, Heidi is 48 years old, and she’s thriving as a television host, producer, and businesswoman. It’s certainly interesting to know that she succeeded in these platforms despite being a doting mother of four children.

Heidi undoubtedly deserves a ton of credit for maintaining her reputation while being a full-time mother to her four kids. Her four kids are Leni, Lou, Henry, and Johann. Out of the four, it certainly looks like Heidi’s eldest daughter, Leni, inherited her passion for modeling. Of course, Leni also inherited her mother’s good looks, and today, she’s starting to flourish as one of the most sought-after models in the industry.

Paul McCartney & Stella McCartney

Paul McCartney is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and legendary musicians in history. He rose to prominence as a member of the legendary Beatles band, and he was also successful as a solo artist. Throughout the years, he’s been able to receive several awards and accolades as an artist. Interestingly, McCartney also welcomed several children over the course of his career.

We know him as a music icon, but interestingly, he’s a doting father of five children, namely Stella, Beatrice, James, Mary, and Heather. Out of the five, only James followed in his footsteps in music. Like his dad, James is also a British singer-songwriter, and he’s been able to contribute to numerous solo albums by his parents, such as Paul’s Flaming Pie & Driving Rain and his mother’s 1998 album Wide Prairie. It looks like James will no longer have to depend on his parents for money as he now has a decent amount of investment money to his name.

Bebe Buell & Liv Tyler

One could make the case that Bebe Buell was one of the most recognizable models back in the 70s. Buell appeared on several magazine covers, and she even pursued a decent career as a singer at the same time. Besides modeling and singing, Buell was also known for her relationship with Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler. Eventually, Buell and Tyler’s relationship bore fruit in the form of a beautiful daughter named Liv Tyler.

Liv Tyler was born in 1977, and she’s undoubtedly the spitting image of her mother. Considering that Liv’s parents were both famous in the entertainment industry, it made sense for her to pursue a career in entertainment herself. Liv started modeling at the age of 14, and she quickly carved her own path into acting. Liv is now a full-fledged actress, and she continues to accumulate acting credits in various films and television productions.

Chrissy Teigen & Luna Simone Stephens

Chrissy Teigen is unquestionably one of the most recognizable American models and television personalities today. She rose to prominence after appearing in several magazine covers back in the 2010s. Besides modeling and television, Teigen is also known for her relationship with successful musician John Legend. Teigen and Legend have been married since 2013, and they’ve been able to welcome two kids.

Teigen and Legend have two kids, one daughter, and one son. They named their son Miles Theodore Stephens, and you could say that he looks identical to John Legend. While Miles might share a resemblance with John, their daughter, Luna Simone Stephens, looks like Chrissy’s mini-me. Teigen makes it a point to share photos of her kids on her social media constantly, and we simply can’t get enough of their adorable family! Without a doubt, Miles and Luna are incredibly lucky to have parents with significant investment money and fortune that can help secure their future.

Dwayne Johnson & Simone Johnson

Dwayne Johnson, also known as “The Rock,” is unquestionably one of the most recognizable actors in Hollywood today. Johnson rose into prominence as a wrestler, where he was able to become one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. He then ventured into acting, and he successfully managed to become one of the highest-grossing actors of all time.

Besides enjoying an illustrious acting career, Dwayne is also a father of three kids, namely Simone, Jasmine, and Tiana. Johnson certainly deserves a ton of credit as he manages to effectively balance his time as an actor and as a father. He’s often spotted taking his three daughters out to movies, and he even takes them as his dates to his movie premieres. Dwayne also constantly posts photos of his family on his social media profiles, and you could say that his bond with his daughters is rock solid.

Hilary Duff & Banks Violet Bair

It’s impossible not to remember who Hilary Duff was back in the 2000s. Duff was a successful teen idol, and she appeared in several television productions such as Lizzie McGuire and The Lizzie McGuire Movie. She also holds several film credits, as she appeared in films such as A Cinderella Story, Agent Cody Banks, Cheaper by the Dozen, and many more.

Today, she’s 33, and she’s completely moved on from her label as a teen idol. Duff is now a mother of three, namely Mae, Luca, and Banks Violet. She shares her three kids with her husband, Matthew Koma, and we simply cannot get enough of their adorable family of five. Duff constantly posts photos of all of her kids on her social media accounts, and it’s pretty evident that her 2-year-old daughter, Banks, inherited her good looks. From Duff’s photos, you could tell that this mother-daughter duo shares the same hair, eye color, and other facial features.

Norman Reedus & Mingus Lucien Reedus

Norman Reedus is a well-known American actor who holds acting credits in various films and television shows. Besides being a regular in AMC’s hit horror drama series, Reedus also appeared in films such as The Boondock Saints, Blade II, Deuces Wild, and many more. It’s certainly interesting to learn that Reedus manages to fulfill his duties as an actor while being a doting father to two adorable kids at the same time.

As we said, this renowned actor is a father of two kids, and one of them is his son, Mingus Lucien Reedus. Mingus was born from Norman’s past relationship with Helena Christiansen back in 2000. Without a doubt, one could tell that Norman and Mingus share several facial features. You could make the case that Mingus is the spitting image of his father during his younger years.

Iggy Azalea & Onyx Kelly

There’s no question that Iggy Azalea is one of the most recognizable rappers and musicians during the 2010s. She released her debut studio album, The New Classic, back in 2014, and it allowed her to peak in the top five on several music charts worldwide. However, Azalea received mixed reviews from the people within the music industry. Besides rap and music, Azalea also managed to achieved popularity and success as a model.

Besides music and modeling, Azalea is also a mother of one child, a son named Onyx Kelly. Azalea recently shared photos of baby Onyx to her social media accounts, and we simply cannot get enough of how adorable he is! Also, Azalea is fully committed to raising young Onyx by herself, and it certainly won’t be a problem as we’re confident that she’s secured several investments from her earnings as a rapper.

Orlando Bloom & Flynn Bloom

It seems like it was only yesterday that English actor Orlando Bloom and Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr announced the birth of their son, Flynn. It’s been ten years since then, and Orlando’s mini-me is all grown up now.

Flynn Bloom was born on January 6, 2011, in Los Angeles, California. Since both of his parents are high-profile personalities, the news of his birth gained a significant degree of attention from fans and the media. However, Orlando and Miranda are reluctant to fully expose their son to the world and have only shared a few snippets of their son’s life. The actor, for example, recently shared that Flynn is a very active and outdoorsy child. A picture of the two going snowboarding is proof of that. Flynn has also grown up to be the spitting image of his father, which, we believe, delighted Orlando Bloom.

Scarlett Johansson & Rose Dorothy Dauriac

Most of us are comfortable with seeing Scarlett Johansson kick butts on screen. However, if she’s not busy being a lady boss in front of the camera, she switches to a more loving mother mode for her daughter Rose Dorothy.

Rose Dorothy Dauriac came to be on a beautiful day on August 30, 2014, celebrating her seventh birthday this year. The actress shares her daughter with her former husband, Romain Dauriac. The couple had lawyers dissolve their marriage in 2017 but continued to co-parent their daughter. However, since neither Dauriac nor Johansson have social media accounts, fans can’t access the actress’s look-alike daughter’s photographs. Fortunately, the actress is somewhat open to discussing her daughter in interviews. She even revealed that her young daughter has a massive obsession with Disney princesses. Do we wonder if she’ll ever be as obsessed with Marvel characters?

Vin Diesel & Vincent Sinclair

American actor-filmmaker Vin Diesel has three children so far, and one of them looks uncannily like him.Meet the actor’s 11-year-old son, Vincent Sinclair. Vincent is the actor’s second child and only son with longtime partner, Paloma Jimenez. Although the actor and his partner like to keep their family private, Diesel isn’t reluctant to bring his children to red carpet events.

It’s also highly likely that the actor allows his kids to tag along with him when he goes to work, exposing them to the acting industry at a young age. Fans of the iconic Fast and The Furious film franchise would be thrilled to learn that Vincent will have a provisional credit in an upcoming installment of the multi-million-dollar franchise. He’s following in his father’s legendary footsteps, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for the young Hollywood offspring.

Solange Knowles & Daniel Smith, Jr.

Solange Knowles’ baby is all grown up now, and he’s turning into a fine young man.The singer-actress got married at 17 to her high school love, Daniel Smith, and had a baby with him a year later. Her son, Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr., will be turning 17 this coming October and already has a promising future ahead. However, despite being an iconic family member of one of Hollywood’s most influential families, Julez — as what many people call him — likes to maintain a significant degree of privacy.

However, we know that the young man is fluent in French after sources revealed that he delivered a speech in the language during his fifth-grade graduation. It’s unclear whether he’ll be following his mom and his aunt’s footsteps in the industry, but regardless of the field he chooses to pursue, we’re sure he’ll have all the support he needs.

Hugh Grant & John Grant

English actor Hugh Grant has played several characters throughout his 39-year career, but nothing can quite compare to his role as a father.Grant is highly tight-lipped when it comes to his children, but from what we know, he has five. Out of those five kids, only three of them stay relevant to the public, Tabitha, John, and Felix. Tabitha and Felix are the actor’s children with restaurant receptionist Tinglan Hong, while John is the actor’s son with longtime partner Anna Elisabet Eberstein.

His children are still relatively young, which explains why the actor has been so strict with their information. We may not know much about these kids, but we’re sure that they’ll grow up comfortable thanks to their successful parents. We’re confident they’ll never have any form of student loans simply because their father alone can provide for all of them.

Kate Hudson & Rani Rose Fujikawa

Kate Hudson has consistently wowed the public with her sheer acting skills and unbelievable presence on the red carpet. Outside that, however, Hudson is a dotting mom to 2-year-old Rani Rose Fujikawa.Rani Rose was born in 2018 to Kate Hudson and her musician partner Danny Fujikawa. Like with her previous two children, Hudson also couldn’t hold back when it comes to motherhood and often shows off her children to her fans on social media.

Recently, the actress shared a clip of her adorable daughter, Rani Rose, doing a yoga pose next to her dad. The clip was an instant hit among fans, and we couldn’t help but praise the actress for being a great mother to her children. While many fans look forward to the idea of Rani Rose going into acting, it’s still too early to tell. For all we know, she could choose a completely different life and pursue a college degree instead.

Sofía Vergara & Manolo Vergara

With her striking looks and youthful glow, who would expect Sofia Vergara to have a 29-year-old son? Well, if this is your first time learning about the actress’ offspring, then let us introduce you to Manolo Gonzalez Vergara.The actress married young and had her son when she was around 18 to 19 years old. Vergara and her then-husband, Joe Gonzalez, raised their son together for a few years before lawyers nullified their marriage in 1993.

From that point on, Vergara has been chiefly in charge of her son’s life. We can tell how successful she raised her son as he is now a brilliant man with a bright future ahead. He’s also quite the head-turner, often catching the media’s attention when he walks side-by-side with his mother during red carpet events. Had we not known he was Sofia Vergara’s son, we would’ve mistaken him as her brother.

Sandra Bullock & Louis Bardo Bullock

Sandra Bullock has had some of the rockiest experiences in love and parenthood. However, that didn’t stop the Academy Award-winning actress from being an incredible mom to her two children.

The actress made the bold decision to become a single mother when she adopted her first son, Louis Bardo Bullock, in 2010, shortly after she split with Jesse James. Bullock initially planned on adopting with her former husband. Still, after they parted ways due to James’ alleged infidelity, the actress decided it would be best to proceed as a single mom. Five years later, she expanded her family again when she adopted her daughter, Laila Bullock. Bullock mainly keeps her children off the spotlight, but in December of 2015, she accepted an offer to be on the front page of People Magazine together with her adorable daughter. For sure, Sandra Bullock already made all the necessary investments to ensure her children’s future.

Leighton Meester & Arlo Day

American model and actress Leighton Meester are best known for her character as Blair Waldorf in the iconic series Gossip Girl on The CW network from 2007 to 2012. Early in her career, the actress made her acting debut as Alyssa Turner on an episode of Law and Order in 1999. Following this, Meester had her film debut in the 2003 horror suspense film Hangman’s Curse, and she continued to star in several TV series such as Tarzan, Entourage, 7th Heaven, 24, and many others.

Meester also ventured a career in music, releasing her solo singles Somebody to Love and Your Love’s a Drug under the Universal Republic label and recording several songs for various soundtracks. In 2014, her debut album Heartstrings saw an independent release. Meanwhile, Meester also modeled for Jimmy Choo, Vera Wang, and Herbal Essences. On the other hand, the actress got married to actor Adam Brody in 2014. The following year, the couple’s first child, daughter Arlo Day, was born. Today, at age 6, she has more resemblances with her mom’s facial attributes to some degree.

Ryan Reynolds & James Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds began his acting career in the Canadian teen soap opera Hillside and had other minor parts before landing the lead role on Two Guys and a Girl between 1998 and 2001. The actor then starred in various films, including comedies such as National Lampoon’s Van Wilder…, and The Proposal. Reynolds also performed in dramatic roles in films like Buried, Woman in Gold, and Life. 

The actor’s most significant commercial success came with the superhero film Deadpool in 2016 and its sequel in 2018, in which he played the eponymous character. Reynolds set numerous records at its release, earning him credits and nominations at the ever-popular Golden Globe Awards and Critics’ Choice Movie Awards. Meanwhile, at the early filming of Green Lantern, Reynolds co-starred actress Blake Lively, with whom he eventually married in 2012. Today, the couple has three children—James, Betty, and Inez, with the former growing up looking more like her dad.

Jeremy Renner & Ava Berlin

American Actor Jeremy Renner started his career by appearing in independent films such as Dahmer and Neo Ned. Eventually, he earned supporting roles in more notable films like S.W.A.T. and 28 Weeks Later. For the movies The Hurt Locker and The Town, Renner received credits for his performances, such as nominations for Academy Awards, both in the Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor category.

In 2014, Renner married Canadian model Sonni Pacheco, with whom he had a daughter, born a year before their wedding, named Ava Berlin. Both Pacheco and her daughter made cameo appearances in the film American Hustle, in which Renner played the role of the Mayor of Camden, New Jersey. At age 8, Ava has grown bigger with more resemblances with her dad in terms of looks. More importantly, Jeremy seems to be a very supportive father in allowing his daughter to pursue whatever she wants in life.

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