There are days when we just need to ditch our usual beauty regimen and let our skin breathe. Skipping makeup can feel a tad bit freeing, however, allowing our natural yet flawed skin to shine can sometimes be intimidating. Well, what’s wrong with some scars and wrinkles? No matter how many times we purchase beauty products with our credit cards, we just have to accept the fact that we’re imperfect.

Anyway, if you want to have a confidence boost, take some inspiration from these Hollywood celebrities who flaunted their au natural faces on social media. They’re not shy about their bare faces, which moves us to embrace our imperfections as well.

Here are the famous stars who look different yet beautiful without makeup:

Nicki Minaj

She may be wearing a lot of bold makeup and rainbow wigs, but underneath it all, she looks gorgeous. Yes, Nicki Minaj usually rocks a fully made-up face, but since sharing her makeup-free throwback pictures, we can’t help but notice how lovely she looks either way.

Minaj has been vocal about her love for makeup and shared that she likes contouring to change her face’s shape. She also added that putting on fake eyelashes requires a little imagination, a steady hand, and a lot of eyeliner. The famed rapper said, “For me, more is more!” To her credit, she really knows her way around makeup.

Eva Longoria

Here’s someone who thinks she’s born to have smokey eyes. Eva Longoria is a pageant girl from Texas who likes hairspray and makeup to a huge degree. However, she has also been proud of her nude face.

Would you agree she looks much younger without makeup? On one occasion, she talked about how she maintains radiant skin. She said she gets facials all the time, including laser light, drying mask, and stinging peel.

Sofia Vergara

As much as we’re fans of the sitcom Modern Family, we’re also fans of Sofia Vergara’s stunning beauty. The star, who’s now 48 years old, by the way, has a nearly flawless face. When she’s not rocking a full makeup, she’s parading her fresh face on social media.

Her secret to a youthful face is “owning a million products.” We bet these beauty products would cause us some money management problems. Anyway, Vergara shared she now wears brown eyeliner instead of black because it gives a much younger tone.

Lady Gaga

The Shallow hitmaker tends to wear eccentric outfits and makeup. You’d be shocked to see her bare face because she looks unrecognizable at all! Lady Gaga has enviable glowing skin, and she’s generous enough to share her top beauty secret: confidence.

“I’m confident in who I am,” she said in an interview. Ladies, we hope the Born This Way singer gave you the confidence boost that you need!

Katy Perry

Another gal who wears bold red lips and dark eye shadow also likes to show off her nude face online. Katy Perry loves makeup so much that she even put up investments in the cosmetics business. She teamed up with CoverGirl to create her own line and admitted she grew up wearing the brand.

Despite being a makeup fan, she also spends a makeup-free day to let her skin rest.


Adele’s powerful voice overshadows her personal style, but she has also cultivated a distinct look since rising to prominence. The 32-year-old powerhouse prefers to go for “dramatic makeup” when performing on stage. She also kills it with her and signature cat-eye and contoured cheekbones.

Conversely, the flooring musician is also unafraid to share her no-makeup selfies on her Instagram. We’re now getting used to her au natural face rather than her thick eyeliners.