There are a few simple things in life that can make us happy, and pets are surely one of the reasons that make us smile. Coming home to a pup or a cat that is excited to see you is definitely one of the most satisfying things ever! A lick, a wag of the tail, or a gentle nudge of a wet nose makes us feel comforted every time.

The same is also true for celebrities. They, too, enjoy having the furry ones as companions. Whether they’ve got a sofa full of kitties or a dog house full of adopted pups, celebrities take things to another level. It’s safe to say that these lucky animals also garner their share of the limelight, but what we’ve also noticed is that celebrities pamper their four-legged friends to a huge degree, so much so that they’re living like royalty.

To find out more, check out where these celebrity pets are living their best lives:

 Ashley Olsen | Pet’s Name Unknown

Check out the cute pup getting a carry! Ashley Olsen was spotted cuddling this French Bulldog from her New York City apartment. The actress has been out and about in the city as she works her way around the fashion industry. As we all know, she’s kind of living a private life now, and we still don’t have a word on the pup’s name yet. We can’t even tell if it’s a boy or a girl from this photo. Anyway, we hope to learn about Frenchie’s name soon!

Ashley, the one-half of the famous Olsen twins, earned her net worth from various sources, including acting, merchandising, producing, and fashion design. After taking a hiatus from the show business, she and her sister put up investments in fashion. She owns several properties in the Big Apple worth millions, and we’re still unsure which among these apartments is where she keeps her Frenchie.

  Amanda Seyfried | Finn

Amanda Seyfried’s career has been on the rise ever since winning the role of Karen Smith in the 2004 comedy film Mean Girls. She, however, said her life hasn’t always been easy. According to her, as she began landing more high-profile projects, she struggled with anxiety. That is until she met a rescue pup named Finn while filming the HBO show Big Love. Seyfried said the Australian Shepherd changed her life and helped her “find solitude and independence.”

Whenever the actress is super busy at work, Finn can usually be found at the New York farmhouse that the actress shares with her husband, Thomas Sadoski, and their three-year-old daughter. Did you know their family also houses a few rescue animals on the farm? Yes, there’s also a white donkey named Gus, among others. We think they won’t need home security anymore with all these animal companions!

Anne Hathaway | Esmeralda and Edward

Among the famous dog lovers is the Oscar-winning star Anne Hathaway. Her faithful companion is a chocolate Labrador named Esmeralda, who has appeared in her life in 2004 and has since become her real friend. According to the actress, Esmeralda gassed up her life and helped her cope with her problems. She likes walking Esmeralda with her husband, Adam Shulman, around Brooklyn.

In 2014, the couple welcomed a cute furry addition– a spaniel/terrier mix named Edward. Hathaway and her husband decided to adopt Edward from an animal shelter located in Beverly Hills. According to them, they were looking for a new friend for Esmeralda. They chose Edward because they had good eye contact with him, which means it would be easy to train him. Until today, the couple is seen together strolling in the city in the company of their furry friends.

 Adam Sandler | Meatball, Matzoball, & Babu

Adam Sandler may have a funny bone, but his English bulldogs immediately steal the scene whenever he brings them with him, whether on the set of a film or at the beach. The comedian’s three canine companions have had their fair share of the spotlight too. Sandler’s first bulldog was Meatball, who served as his ring bearer at his wedding and appeared in his 2000 film, Little Nicky. Sadly, he passed away in 2004. Matzoball, the actor’s second bulldog, was a wedding gift from his wife in 2003. He, too, passed away in 2008. Matzoball once made a television appearance on The Tonight Show.

His newest bulldog, a female named Babu, accompanies the 54-year-old funnyman everywhere. Babu also received film credits in the 2008 Bedtime Stories. She is so much a part of the comedian’s life that he takes her wherever he goes, including in his Malibu property.

CeeLo Green | Harrison Zulander

CeeLo Green is perhaps best known for his hit song Forget You and being a coach on The Voice. He’s also the other half of the popular duo called Gnarls Barkley, but did you know there’s also a barking member of the family? Yes, it’s his adorable Yorkshire Terrier named Harrison Zulander!

What’s even more interesting is that Harrison has his own Instagram account, but that’s not all, folks. He has his own career! You read that right— Harrison does dog modeling. In March 2015, he appeared on the cover of Dogs of Glamour. He also starred in Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters and Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans Go as an animated form with his dad CeeLo Green. Well, is there anything this pooch can’t do? We bet he even has a higher credit score than us. Just look into his social media and see it for yourself!

 Chelsea Handler | Chunk, Tammy, Bert and Bernice

Chelsea Handler used to have a dog named Chunk, who often appeared with her on her show. Sadly, he passed away in 2018. The comedian announced on Twitter her beloved pet’s passing, writing the caption, “He was the love of my life.” Chunk was adopted from a shelter at age 9, and since then, he became the star’s constant companion. Handler also lost another dog named Tammy, who succumbed to a disease.

It wasn’t the end of the world for Handler, however, as she welcomed two new pups into her loving arms shortly after Chunk and Tammy passed away. The two dogs named Bert and Bernice closely resemble the comedian’s previous pets. She gladly announced their arrival on her Instagram with a photo of her cuddling them inside her Los Angeles home. We can only assume the 46-year-old star has acquired some pet insurance when she adopted these two.

Chrissy Teigen | Puddy, Pippa, and Penny

Chrissy Teigen isn’t shy about sharing her beloved pets with the world. Yes, she likes posting several photos and videos of her pups on her Instagram, and it shows the degree of love she has for all of them. Ladies and gents, we introduce to you Pippa the Frenchie, Puddy the Bulldog, and Penny the three-legged Frenchie.

Like most pup parents, Teigen and her husband, John Legend, adore their family pets so much that they frequently feature them on their social media accounts. The All of Me singer even filmed a wedding video for Puddy and Pippa when he worked on his charity for the Show Me Campaign. The video garnered a huge number of comments from followers, stating how much they admire the cute dogs. The trio is seen wherever their owners are, but they mostly stay in Beverly Hills, where Teigen and Legend currently live.

Ellen DeGeneres | Augie, Wolf, Kid, George, Charlie, and Chairman

It’s undeniable that Ellen DeGeneres loves pets. In fact, she wanted to work with animals as a child. Of course, the talk show host doesn’t work with pets today, but the media mogul is still an avid animal lover. If you’re her fan, then you’d know that she has six pets all in all.

DeGeneres has three dogs (Augie, Wolf, and Kid) and three cats (George, Charlie, and Chairman). These six pets regularly appear on the television host’s Instagram feed. According to DeGeneres, her pets sleep in her bedroom in Montecito, California, and even join her on her workouts. They also join her wife, Portia de Rossi, when she does horseback riding in the mornings. While DeGeneres has not reached her dream to earn a veterinary degree, she hopes to run an animal foundation someday. She even put up a line of pet items.

Emmy Rossum | Pepper, Fiona, and Cinnamon

Emmy Rossum, famous for her roles in An American Rhapsody, Songcatcher, and Passionada, is very active in animal rights. She has three adopted pets— Pepper, a Terrier-Havanese mix, Fiona, a cat, and Cinnamon, a teacup Yorkshire Terrier. Rossum has teamed up with the Best Friends Animal Society in their campaign to encourage animal adoption. The Mystic River actress shared that adopting both gives a pet a lifelong home and opens up another space in the shelter so they can rescue more animals in need.

The actress said she grew up with many animals, including rabbits, fish, parakeets, and snails, which is why it’s so natural for her to advocate for animal rights. She also admitted that when she hired a moving company to live in New York, she took time in finding an apartment building that would let her live with all her pets.

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber | Oscar

If one celebrity pet has an exciting limelight exposure, then that would be Oscar Bieber. Yes, Hailey and Justin Bieber gave their pup their family name. The singer-songwriter even referred to the puppy as his “dog son.” Oscar is the first shared pet for the husband and wife, adopting the adorable pup just months into their marriage. When they published a photo of their new pet on Instagram, the picture garnered over five million likes, proving that Oscar can quickly gas up anyone’s day with his cuteness.

On Instagram, fans can see the couple snuggling up in bed in their Holmby Hills home with their pooch. Mrs. Bieber even called Oscar “My Christmas Baby,” meaning that she likely got him as a present from her loving husband. It seems like the Maltese Yorkie pup is already living a good life with his parents.

Hilary Duff | Lucy and Momo

Hilary Duff is also an avid animal lover. In 2018, she adopted a senior dog and named her Lucy. She took to Instagram to announce the adorable news and wrote the caption, “We adopted an old dog.” In the photo, the pup is wearing a red bandana and is sitting on the flooring. On the other hand, the Younger star wore a long melon coat, and her husband, Matthew Koma, wore a black jacket and a pair of jeans. It seems that they’re off to go somewhere relaxing.

Lucy is the second pup the actress has adopted from the Love Leo Rescue foster. She also brought home Momo, a half pug, half Chihuahua. According to the company, Momo is the most affectionate pup in the bunch and loves snuggling in one’s lap. Aside from these two precious pups, Duff also has a few dogs living with her family in Beverly Hills.

Hugh Jackman | Dali and Allegra

You may know Hugh Jackman as the fierce Wolverine in the X-Men movie franchise, but did you know he has two pups that make him melt into a puddle of tears? Meet Dali (French bulldog) and Allegra (a poodle and terrier mix), two of the actor’s most favorite beings. Both Dali and Allegra have found happy homes in the actor’s household in Sydney, Australia.

Allegra was a Christmas gift to Jackman in 2014, though it remains unknown who gifted him the pup. Meanwhile, Dali was bought from a pet store by the actor himself, his wife Deborra-Lee Furness, and their child Oscar. The celebrity family gave Salvador Dali some credit by naming their pet after him. The X-Men star has admitted to using Skype and Facetime with his canine companions while he’s on the road, and he even refers to Dali as his chairman of the board and chief of staff.

Jessica Biel | Tina

We often see Jessica Biel walking around New York City with her American Pit Bull Terrier pet named Tina. The actress simply loves to take her for either an exercise or a shopping spree. She loves Tina’s company so much that you can even see tons of pictures of them together on Biel’s Instagram.

We’re pretty unsure how the actress met Tina, whether she adopted her from an animal shelter or was gifted to her by her husband, Justin Timberlake. It’s worth noting, however, that the dog breed is a rather serious one. American Pit Bull Terriers are sufficiently aggressive dogs with fighting qualities. Biel probably understood the complex nature of this breed, which is why she trained Tina as a faithful and sporty dog. She isn’t afraid to take her to places, which makes us think her investments towards training her pup were all worth it.

Jessica Chastain | Chaplain

Meet the one who was able to win Jessica Chastain’s heart. “Chaplain is the love of my life,” Molly’s Game star shared on one occasion. Chaplain is a poodle mutt rescue adopted by the actress. Just like Jessica herself, Chaplain has also done some on-screen appearances. In all his white, fluffy glory, he received credits in the television show The View, Broadway photoshoots, studios, and even the Golden Globes.

Chaplain was adopted from a rescue organization and was hit by a car before; he now only has three legs. The actress boasts that despite his deficit, the pup is still fast at catching the ball. Chastain also has two other dogs living at her Upper West Side townhouse—a corgi-spaniel mix and a chihuahua mix — although they are not as famous as the poodle mutt. While it’s sad to learn about Chaplain’s painful past, we’re glad that he now has a loving home, thanks to Jessica’s compassion.

Josh Gad | Didi

The actor Josh Gad is known to be an animal advocate. Recently, when a video of a dog used during the filming of his movie A Dog’s Purpose went viral, he spoke against its mistreatment and forceful handling. He was probably thinking of his own dog, Didi, who he would never handle forcibly no matter what. We can even predict he would pay for insurance just to ensure Didi’s safety.

Didi and Gad live in the actor’s Los Angeles home, where there is ample space for the cute black dog to run around and bond with the family. Trees line the property, too. What is adorable about Didi is that when Gad and his wife, Ida Darvish, brought home their child, Didi showed jealousy to some extent, as evidenced by his photo that Gad posted on Instagram. Dogs can be very possessive, and when they see a potential competitor, they tend to assert their dominance, but for sure, Didi and Gad’s two children do well just fine.

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick | Pinot and Ramen

To a single person or a couple, a pet is usually considered their child. For couple Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick, that is precisely the role played by their two dogs, Ramen and Pinot. When Bristowe was in the running for Dancing With the Stars in 2020, Tartick even posted a photo of the two pets campaigning for Bristowe, just as any child would root for their own mom.

The family of four now lives in Bristowe’s home in Nashville, where there is ample space for the dogs to play. There’s even a man cave for Tartick in the almost exclusively feminine house. Not much information is available on the price of this chic mansion, but for sure, we know that it comes with an excellent home security system. A video featuring a house tour shows how Pinot and Ramen enjoy the company of their fur parents so much.

 Kaley Cuoco | Norman

Watching Kaley Cuoco on The Big Bang Theory does not show that she loves pets at all, but in real life, the actress has three pets that we know of. In 2019, she even named a few of them when she had an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show. Simon the bunny, Tarantula the goat, and Norman, the dog are just some of them. She has been with Norman the longest — for fourteen years.

When Cuoco and her husband contacted the moving company to transfer into their $11.75 million Hidden Hills estate in California, their pets also moved in with them. Karl Cook is no stranger to animals, too, as he is an equestrian. The actress was so excited about their move and documented it on Instagram. Their adorable pets would have also loved the farmhouse-style property as they have plenty of space.

Katy Perry | Nugget

There will probably come a time when Nugget, Katy Perry’s micro teacup Poodle, would become more famous than the singer. We are not even joking! Nugget had gained some prominence when she appeared on the music video “Small Talk” and Witness: The Tour. The Poodle likewise starred in a national cash card campaign for Citi. Ever the proud mother, Perry would usually post pictures of both her dogs, Nugget and Butters.

The three live in Perry’s massive Beverly Hills estate. With five bedrooms and five bathrooms, the house is big enough to accommodate everyone in the family. The dogs could also enjoy walking in the private estate’s surrounding land and spacious backyard. A view of the woody canyon near the place is simply spectacular. The underdeveloped land surrounding the area gives the estate a more natural vibe. To a degree, this is heaven for the singer, Butters, and Nugget.

 Kendall Jenner | Pyro

It is an open secret the Kendall Jenner is an animal-lover. Also, she actively posts about her favorites on her Instagram, giving her more than 158 million followers something to like and smile about. For example, in 2020, Jenner posted a series of photos showing her dog, Pyro, in front of a private jet. The Instagram personality jokingly said she is raising a model, just like her.

Pyro is a Doberman which she got in 2018. The Jenner and Kardashian family are both dog-friendly, and we could expect their homes to be conducive to growing their canine family members, too. Her $8.55 million Tranquil, Los Angeles house is stunning and a perfect place for Pyro to grow in. It has a Spanish and farmhouse vibe and feels serene. Jenner feels safe when in the house. Even if they do not install a home security system, they should be alright, given Pyro’s presence could scare harmful elements away.

Kesha | Mr. Fluffy Pant$

While many on this list are dog lovers, Kesha is a bit different and prefers cats. Right now, the singer has at least five cats, with Mr. Fluffy Pant$ among them. Kesha rescued this cat on October 5, 2013, and then asked fans the following day to name him. After she announced his name, the singer created an Instagram and a Twitter account for Mr. Fluffy Pant$. We do not know if he is still with Kesha, but we hope all is well with the cat.

In addition to giving Mr. Fluffy Pant$ social media accounts, Kesha also provided him home in one of the most affluent communities in Los Angeles. In a move most likely approved by her financial advisor, the singer dropped $5 million for the house. The spacious 5,943 square-foot home is good enough for her cats. She could even afford to spare them a bedroom as the house has five of them.

Kim Kardashian | Sushi

While Kim Kardashian is undergoing difficult times right now because her lawyers are helping finalize her separation from Kanye West, this has not stopped her from loving her four kids and three dogs. In fact, news reports indicate that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians would continue living in their current house, a $60 million mansion. The couple purchased the estate for $20 million in 2014, but remodeling and renovations bumped the property value to $60 million.

Kardashian loves all her dogs equally. Saké and Soba, the new arrivals to the family, joined North’s favorite Pomeranian, Sushi. Just after acquiring the two pets, Kardashian asked her fans on Instagram to provide the name suggestions. Her followers quickly provided their inputs. It is refreshing to know that the dogs need not move out of the house as it can also be stressful to them. The Hidden Hills mansion has ample space for all of them anyway.

 Kristen Bell | Muppet

Veronica Mars actress Kristen Bell has always been a friend to fur animals. In 2017, she posted a photo showing her hugging a lovely mutt. She was reading a script for a movie and decided a selfie with the dog was in order. Referred to as the “captain of scaredy cats,” Muppet is sure a lovely dog. Bell also revealed that Muppet loves keeping a close eye on a lemon tree that he doesn’t get along with. Isn’t that adorable?

Nobody really knows why Muppet is wary of this particular lemon tree, but it is just one of the many in the vast $4.3 million real estate investment owned by Bell and husband Dax Shephard. This house has four bedrooms, a dining room, a library, and various living areas. Muppet shares the space with two children. Bell, just like Muppet, prefers staying outdoors and enjoying the refreshing breeze.

Lauren Conrad | Chloe

Fashion designer Lauren Conrad was only 18 years old when she got cast in Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. One thing that we know about Conrad is that she loves having pets around. So it was a sad moment for her when her dog, Chloe, passed on. Conrad described the seven-year-old dog as sweet and loving. Conrad knew Chloe more than she did her husband, so we can understand the devastation.

The two enjoyed their life together in a house formerly owned by the reality series star in Pacific Palisades. However, when she was ready for more private life, Conrad decided to sell the house for $4.75 million, contacted the moving company, and transferred to another place. The house gave off a modern farmhouse feel typical of luxury living in South California. Both Conrad and Chloe enjoyed their stay there.

 Lea Michele | Pearl

Glee actress Lea Michelle recently tied the knot with Zandy Reich, and now they have one child together. Apart from Ever Leo, their baby boy, Michelle, also owns a tiny pooch named Pearl. She adopted him to cope in the aftermath of her boyfriend Corey Monteith’s passing in 2013. The cute little dog looks like a Pomeranian, and the actress was rather proud of him and had been posting photos of her on Instagram.

A short while after marrying Reich, Michelle listed her Los Angeles home, her place of peace and healing. She and Pearl have lived in this house since the adoption of the dog. For $3.15 million, the house was a bargain. However, it was a significant return on investment for the actress who bought it for under $3 million. It comes with a guest suite, library, art studio, dance studio, and more. Will Pearl miss the old house? Most likely. For sure, given a bit of time, she will be accustomed to their new environment.

Lisa Vanderpump | Giggy

A dog is indeed man’s best friend, and for Lisa Vanderpump, she has taken it to the next level by providing a home for at least eight canines. The Dancing with the Stars actress even started her own dog foundation to make their lives better. Even though she is busy taking care of other dogs, she has not forgotten to shower her eight dogs with all the love they deserve.

She is currently fur-mom to Giggy, a Pomeranian who has frequently appeared on her reality show. What is adorable about Giggy is that she has more than 24,000 followers on Instagram. Due to a heart condition, she always has to wear warm clothing. If there is such a thing as health insurance for dogs, Vanderpump would have gotten one for Giggy. The actress and her dogs used to live in her $29 million Beverly Hills mansion.

Lucy Hale | Elvis

It always has been part of Lucy Hale’s daily routine to include Elvis, her dog. She is a firm believer that people and dogs belong together, and so wherever she goes, Elvis is there, too. Her love for dogs does not end with Elvis, though. Like Lisa Vanderpump, she has also established a cause related to animals, this time, the Purple Leash Project. Hale aims to provide pet-friendly shelters to women who need them. We credit the actress for her work on promoting animal and women’s rights.

Well, how about Elvis? Taking a peek at his Instagram account with over 65,000 followers reveals that the Maltipoo is living in Los Angeles. He also enjoys chewing things and burying treats on the couch. It appears that Hale and Elvis always have a good time together, especially when they are at their Studio City home. The actress has listed this house with four bedrooms and a private pool for $2.498 million.

Matthew Perry | Alfred

While a dog is not that helpful when actors prepare to read their lines, they serve as an inspiration and motivation. Matthew Perry, who has been an animal lover, recently introduced an adorable puppy to his followers on Instagram. The pet Doodle mix is named Alfred, and he also has his own Instagram. Guess what? He already has 120,000 followers just a few months into 2021. Photos of her and another dog in the Perry household, Carla, were also seen on the social media site.

The actor appears to be going through some significant changes, and his pets can definitely help him transition. He recently put up two of his premium property for sale and downsized to a smaller $6 million Pacific Palisades cottage. That is a good money management move as Perry is likely streamlining his expenses. Notwithstanding, the dogs would love to stay in the ranch-style estate!

Miley Cyrus | Pig Pig and Puddles

We’ve always viewed Miley Cyrus as a unique individual who has her own quirks. That is not necessarily a bad thing since it makes her stand out among the crowd. One character we admire about the singer is her love for animals. She has joined others who adopted various pets instead of spending their investment money on buying them. One of the latest additions to her family is a rescued bulldog named Daisy.

However, it is rather interesting that the actress also shares her Hidden Hills home with two pigs named Pig Pig and Puddles. The $5 million property is also equestrian-oriented, and so her two horses, Pumpkin and Dumplin, love running around the massive land. It would be great to visit this place and see the dynamics between Pig Pig, Puddles, Daisy, and the two horses. We guess they would be rowdy but fun.

Mischa Barton | Ziggy and Charlie

Dogs serve as our inspiration, especially when we are down. For Mischa Barton, Ziggy and Charlie also keep her grounded. By having to wake up and walk her dogs early in the morning, Barton can keep herself sane and follow a routine at the same time. Photographers even snapped the actress walking her Pomeranian-Shitzu dog, Ziggy, and the mixed breed rescued pup, Charlie.

We are also sure that these two lovable animals had kept Barton company when in 2020, she faced foreclosure for failing to pay five months’ worth of mortgage towards her $8 million Los Angeles home. The house boasts of eight bedrooms, which is big enough for the family and the dogs. We are sure that whatever financial difficulties might come Barton’s way, so long as she keeps fighting, with her dogs providing her inspiration, she would be alright.

Reese Witherspoon | Minnie Pearl

Starting her career during her teens and debuting in the 1991 film The Man in the Moon, Reese Witherspoon has since made quite a name for herself in the entertainment industry. With that said, she has become well-known for her acting credit in projects such as Legally Blonde and its sequel, Big Little Lies, Wild, and Walk the Line, which also earned her an Academy Award for Best Actress.

Besides acting, Reese is also an avid dog lover. In late 2020, the actress introduced on her social media account a new member to their family, the ever-so-adorable-and furry Minnie Pearl. The actress, her family, and of course, the cute French bulldog reportedly reside in a historic mansion located in Nashville, bought in 2014 for $1.95 million. The 3,885-square-foot house sits on six-and-a-half acres of land, which is undoubtedly more than enough for them and their furry pets to play on.

 Jim Parsons | Otis and Rufus

James Joseph “Jim” Parsons is mostly known for his role as Sheldon on the hit sitcom, The Big Bang Theory. What you didn’t know is that he’s also a father of two… Two dogs; Otis and Rufus. Otis is a Maltese, and is the older of the two, and Rufus is a Shih-Tzu. Sadly, Otis passed away in 2018 and was a major factor for Parsons’ decision to resign from the show.

Even though one of them is not around anymore, you can’t say that they didn’t live a happy life. Parsons’ LA home in Los Feliz is truly stunning. The Spanish-style home boasts an area of 4,026 square feet and has a lot of features including a pool, a huge living space with black-and-white flooring, and a mini amphitheater. The actor bought it from Twilight star, Robert Pattinson, back in 2011 for $6.3 million. In 2018, he listed the mansion for $8.95 million but accepted an offer for $6.95 million.

 Paris Hilton | Prince Hilton

Being the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, founder of the Hilton Hotels, it’s safe to say that Paris Hilton doesn’t worry much about financial matters such as personal loans. Despite having access to such fortune, however, Paris still went out of her way to make a name for herself under the spotlight on her own terms. Since then, she has appeared on a couple of shows, movies and has even dabbled in fashion and real estate endeavors.

At this point, it would come as no surprise that Paris lives her life in style. In fact, even her pets live a life akin to a celebrity. Alongside her adorable Pomeranian, Prince Hilton, all of the dogs Paris has owned reside in their very own LA mansion, which The Simple Life star reportedly spent $325,000 on. These adorable little furries also have their very own Instagram account, which now has around 58.7k followers.

 Simone Biles | Lilo & Rambo

At such a young age, Simone Biles was already passionate about becoming a skilled gymnast. Well, with the gift of retrospect, it’s safe to say all of her investments finally paid off. Thanks to her hard work and dedication, the talented gymnast has accumulated quite a fortune, more than enough to buy herself a new home in Houston back in 2019. After renovations, the property has surely become everything Simone hoped it would be.

Of course, the Olympic gymnast shares this humble abode with her loved ones, including her two French bulldogs Lilo and Rambo. She adopted Lilo back in 2018, while she only recently welcomed Rambo in 2020. If one thing is for sure, it’s that this adorable duo undoubtedly keeps their talented owner happy. In fact, they even have their own social media account showcasing their whereabouts to their thousands of followers.

 Rachael Ray |Bella Boo Blue

Besides scripted, narrative-driven stories, the entertainment industry has also introduced us to a couple of other fun programs, such as cooking shows. With that said, one such name that has since garnered a high degree of recognition for her skills in the kitchen is Rachael Ray. Besides hosting 30 Minute Meals and her eponymous show, Rachael has had the chance to work on other titles such as Everyday with Rachael Ray, Rachael Ray’s Kids Cook-Off, and $40 a Day.

While her New York home is going through renovations, Rachael resides in her friend Jaques Pepin’s guest house. Of course, her husband, John Cusimano, and their adorable dog Bella Boo Blue, who got a portion of her name from their previous dog Isaboo, accompany her. Since the couple welcomed Bella into their life, the cute and energetic puppy has had the chance to appear on the three-time Daytime Emmy Award-winner’s social media page, sharing the wholesomeness with her fans.

Taylor Swift | Olivia Benson, Meredith Grey, And Benjamin Button

Although she has released more than a few hit records in previous years, Taylor Swift’s popularity recently had a resurgence thanks to her 2020 albums, Folklore and Evermore, and her newly-released re-recordings of iconic songs, including Love Story. Besides gracing the airwaves and concert stages, the singer-songwriter has also dabbled in a couple of real estate endeavors along the way.

At this point, the 11-time Grammy Award-winner already has more than a few properties to her name, including a penthouse in Nashville, a New York apartment, and a Beverly Hills cottage, among other homes. With that said, it wouldn’t be too surprising to know that, wherever she may be residing, Taylor always has her adorable trio of cats, Olivia Benson, Meredith Grey, and Benjamin Button, beside her. Besides Olivia reportedly having an astounding net worth of $97 million, the three also take credit for being 2020’s most-searched celebrity pets!

 Serena Williams | Bum Bum, Minnie, Daisy, And Chickaletta

With help from her sister, fellow tennis player Venus Williams, Serena Williams’ home in Florida finally became a reality. Up to the very choice of flooring used, this humble abode is nothing short of gorgeous. With that said, the property has plenty of living space, including a lovely outdoor area with its very own swimming pool. By the looks of it, the place is not just welcoming for the tennis players’ friends and family, but for pets, too!

Outside the tennis court, Serena is a dog lover who has owned a couple of adorable puppies over the years, such as a Yorkshire Terrier she appropriately named Christopher Chip Rafael Nadal. Recently, however, the 23-time Grand Slam winner welcomed four new feathered friends to her family. Undoubtedly in a more agricultural household, these four chickens, thanks to Serena’s daughter Olympia, are named Bum Bum, Minnie, Daisy, and Chickaletta. It goes to show that pets come in all shapes and sizes.

Emilia Clarke | Ted

Often known for her role as Daenerys Targaryen on the Game of Thrones TV series, Emilia Clarke has since had the chance to work on other projects such as Solo: A Star Wars Story, Last Christmas, Me Before You, and the 2013 play Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Besides her on-camera and onstage work, the actress has also made investments in the real estate side of things. After selling her LA home for $4.4 million, Emilia has since been residing in her house in Hampstead, North London.

From time to time, Emilia would share glimpses of her humble abode on her social media account. Aside from the colorful house, however, the actress is also fond of showcasing her pet dog Ted’s cuteness to the world. With the Mother of Dragons actress more than happy to have Ted in her life, it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing more of the adorable dog on her Instagram page sometime soon.

 Ryan Gosling | Lucho

The entertainment industry has introduced us to many world-famous figures at this point. Well, one such star is known for the high degree of charisma. It’s none other than Ryan Gosling. Famous for his role in films such as The Notebook, La La Land, and The Nice Guys, the actor is also known to be quite a dog lover, a passion he shares with his partner, the actress Eva Mendes.

The couple has lived in a few houses over the years, with their previous cozy abode selling for $1.27 million. Even so, what undoubtedly remains, no matter where they stay, would be their pets. In 2019, they welcomed a new member to their household, a Doberman named Lucho. Adopted by the celebrity couple when he was four months old, it’s safe to say that Lucho has since been just as happy to be with them as they are with him.

 Sandra Bullock | Sweetie

At this point, it would be a fair challenge to find someone who doesn’t recognize one of Hollywood’s famous actresses, Sandra Bullock. After her performance on the 1994 film Speed garnered her worldwide acclaim, Sandra has since worked on other projects such as The Blind Side, Gravity, The Heat, and Miss Congeniality. However, besides acting, the award-winning actress has also spent some of her investment money in real estate.

Although not much detail is available about her current home, it’s safe to say it’s just as lovely as the properties she has available for rental – just look at her Beverly Hills abode! With that said, besides being a landlord of sorts, Sandra is also a dog lover who’s adopted three dogs so far. The relatively new family member, a tiny pup named Sweetie, is even just as fashionable as the actress. In fact, the two even shared matching dresses during the 2020 Golden Globes!

 Jennifer Aniston | Clyde, Sophia, and Lord Chesterfield

More often than not, the first few stints in an actor’s career tend to be the hardest. Well, such was the case for Jennifer Aniston, whose early on-screen roles were for projects that either flopped or got canceled. On the bright side, though, Jennifer didn’t give up, and not long after, she found the break she longed for with her acting credit as Rachel Green on the TV show Friends.

Since then, the actress has made quite a name for herself under the Hollywood spotlight. With the fortune she’s earned along the way, Jennifer purchased this $21 million home in Bel-Air, which she shares with her adorable pups. The trio, Clyde, Sophia, and Lord Chesterfield, will undoubtedly have a blast playing around the property, which features plenty of outdoor space for them to run around. Although Lord Chesterfield is still a relatively new member of the family, it sure looks like Clyde and Sophia have already welcomed him with paws wide open.

Zac Efron | MACA

Despite beginning his journey in acting with performances on stage plays such as The Music Man, Gypsy, and Peter Pan, Zac Efron got his first shot to fame with his role as Troy Bolton on Disney’s High School Musical movies. Since then, the actor has worked on other projects such as Baywatch, Neighbors, 17 Again, and The Greatest Showman.

Before asking for a moving company’s help recently, it’s safe to say Zac spent a significant portion of his free time relaxing in his Los Feliz home, which is now reportedly on the market for $5.9 million. Of course, he spends these moments of rest with his adorable pup MACA. As an advocate for adopting dogs and a volunteer foster home provider, Zac initially planned only to foster MACA. After a while, he just couldn’t resist the cute pup, so of course, he finally adopted MACA and has never regretted his decision ever since.

 Steve-O | Wendy, Bernie, And Walter

Making a movie often requires its actors to have stunt doubles for the riskier sequences. Even so, that doesn’t mean there are a few stars that wish to do the stunts themselves. Well, located in a fine gray area between the two, some celebrities are well-known for doing nothing but stunts. One such figure that’s got insurance companies often at the ready would undoubtedly be Stephen Gilchrist Glover, known to many as Steve-O.

After a day’s work of stunts and crazy antics, rest assured that Steve enjoys his free time in a cozy home in Los Angeles, which has a 24/7 view of the nearby Beachwood Canyon. With that said, he shares this humble abode with his loved ones, one of which is his dog Wendy, whom he met during a trip to Peru. A stray dog at first, Wendy is now one of Steve’s trusted furry companions, with the other two being Walter and Bernie, whom he adopted back in 2009 and 2010, respectively.

 Ryan Reynolds | Baxter & Billie

Ryan Reynolds became known for his acting credit in the superhero movie Deadpool and its sequel in recent years. Ryan Reynolds has also starred in other genre features such as the psychological thriller Buried, sci-fi horror flick Life, and the romantic-comedy movie The Proposal. Thanks to his successful career, the actor has since called this cozy house in Pound Ridge, New York, his home, which he shares with his wife, the actress Blake Lively, and their ever-so-wholesome dogs.

Besides his talent for acting and comedy, Ryan also has a deep love for dogs. In fact, he got his first furry friend, Baxter, by chance. After a small conversation with the pup, Baxter immediately followed the actor to his car, and the rest is history. Not long after, Ryan gave Baxter another friend, a dog named Billie. Perhaps it’s safe to assume Ryan met Billie in the same fashion as his first encounter with Baxter.

Liam Hemsworth | Little Dog and Dora the Explorer

Hemsworth and his ex-partner Miley are known to have seven dogs in total. They’re quite the animal lovers, but the scale of their obsession with it wasn’t too clear until Miley posted a photo of seven dogs all lying in a big bed. Hemsworth’s personal dog is a black and brown pit bull named Little Dog. However, after the couple split, Miley took custody of their pets.

Despite their split, Miley still helped Liam adopt a new, gigantic puppy named Dora the Explorer after the kid’s television show, which apparently is his nephew and niece’s favorite show. Liam Immediately stocked up on dog supplies and left quite the generous donation to the shelter he adopted Dora from. Liam and his pup are currently living in Byron Bay, joining the rest of his family after purchasing a former wedding venue that’s worth $6.5 million.

Demi Lovato | Batman, Cinderella, and Buddy

Demi Lovato got her new dog Cinderella in March 2017 and adopted Batman in August 2015. She adopted both dogs after the death of her beloved and precious dog Buddy, a Maltipoo, who coyotes tragically attacked. The singer-actress former furry companion meant so much to her that she even got a tattoo to commemorate its’ memory.

In July 2017, Demi’s dogs had impressively prevented a burglary. The criminal tried breaking into the artist’s home in Los Angeles after targeting her home security system but was stopped after the dogs noticed him and immediately started barking.  The noise ultimately alerted Demi’s live-in manager, preventing the invader from making further moves. Despite their small stature, the pocket-sized puppies managed to save the day, making their mommy proud. Demi lives in a massive 8,500 square foot home in Los Angeles, a studio city neighborhood, along with her dogs. The house is worth $7 million.

Ashley Benson | Olive and Walter Gene

Ashley Benson isn’t just a famous actress and model. She’s also the proud parent of two adorable pups! Olive, a Shih Tzu Maltese, and Walter Gene, a Brussels Griffon. Despite her hectic lifestyle and schedule, Ashley still manages to find balance and relieve herself from stress with her lovely four-legged companions. The dogs didn’t only bring Ashley happiness, but they also help her with her anxiety. Ashley even partnered with SmartyPaws, a nutritional supplement for dogs.

The two pups also would often accompany her to sets. Olive, in particular, adores being outside and toying with the sound mixer. Along with taking her furry companions on trips, Benson also admits that she tells them stories about her day-to-day life. Ashley now lives in Los Angeles in her Los Felize abode worth $4.5 million and is 4,825 square feet larger than her previous home.

Gigi Hadid | Cleo and Lucky

Gigi is no stranger to being a furry parent and is often spotted spending time with her new kitty Cleo in their family’s ranch in Pennsylvania. The model recently found Cleo in a car engine one weekend and immediately announced on Instagram that she decided on adopting the tiny creature. It wasn’t long before Cleo had her own Instagram account with the help of her doting owner. Within the day, she had over 11.6k followers and is still rising. Eventually, Cleo’s account overtook that of Norman and Bambi Jenner.

While Cleo is a sensational Instagram star, Lucky didn’t have much media coverage, but he did appear with Gigi’s mom, Yolanda Foster, on The Real Wives of Beverly Hills. Sadly, the family had to say goodbye to their furry companion last April. Lucky had been a part of Yolanda’s life for 11 years, so it was hard to let her go.

 Ian Somerhalder and Niki Reed | Nietzsche and Ira

Ian rescued his dog, Nietzsche, while filming for the Vampire Diaries, and they’ve been best friends since then. He even introduced his new pup on Instagram as his “new girl” with a caption that clearly oozes with love and adoration for his new pup. The smoldering star, who’s clearly a lover of all creatures, regularly advocates for his furry friends through his Ian Somerhalder Foundation.

On the other hand, Ira was Niki Reed and Ian’s beloved canine dog. Ira was a german shepherd who often accompanied the couple back in the days when she was still with them. Sadly, Ira passed last 2018 after her long battle with cancer. The couple even posted pictures of their angel in their Instagram accounts, captioning it with the most heartbreaking words that clearly showed how pained the pair are to lose their fur baby.

Lady Gaga | Asia

Lady Gaga’s dogs have always been in the spotlight. The adorable fur babies often appear on Red Carpets and magazine covers with the songstress and even have their own fan-made webpages. Asia is a female dog, a French bulldog. She has been with Gaga since March-April 2014. Her nickname is BatPig, and Lady Gaga even made an Instagram account for her named ‘missasiaxoxo.’ Gaga’s pets were so well known to the world and were always with the singer where ever she’d go.

Unfortunately, the songstress’s dogs were recently involved in a brutal dognapping that left her dog walker with a severe injury. Asia was the only one of Gaga’s pooches not stolen during the attack. Gaga is now reportedly offering a $500,000 reward to find whoever shot her dogwalker and return her stolen furbabies. Thankfully the dogs were found and are now reunited with their parent. They are now safely tucked away in their home in Malibu property investment that’s worth over $22.5 million.

Zoey Deschanel | Zelda & Dot

Zoey fell in love with Dot at the Bill Foundation Shelter that housed the pup. She then was informed by the staff that Dot had a sister named Zelda. As a result, Zoey left the shelter that day with two dogs in her hands. The 33-year-old actress and star in the show New Girl announced that she adopted two rescue puppies from the non-profit Bill Foundation via Twitter. She also thanked them for giving her the cutest fur babies she calls the “apples to her eyes.” Currently, the actress is living in Los Angeles with her children and four-legged babies as well.

To those who are wondering, the Bill foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing the dogs from the L.A. shelter system and placing them in permanent, warm, and loving homes. Like how Zooey got her furry companions. It was a worth it investments indeed.

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