There are a few simple things in life that can make us happy, and pets are surely one of the reasons that make us smile. Coming home to a pup or a cat that is excited to see you is definitely one of the most satisfying things ever! A lick, a wag of the tail, or a gentle nudge of a wet nose makes us feel comforted every time.

The same is also true for celebrities. They, too, enjoy having the furry ones as companions. Whether they’ve got a sofa full of kitties or a dog house full of adopted pups, celebrities take things to another level. It’s safe to say that these lucky animals also garner their share of the limelight, but what we’ve also noticed is that celebrities pamper their four-legged friends to a huge degree, so much so that they’re living like royalty.

To find out more, check out where these celebrity pets are living their best lives:

 Kaley Cuoco | Norman

Watching Kaley Cuoco on The Big Bang Theory does not show that she loves pets at all, but in real life, the actress has three pets that we know of. In 2019, she even named a few of them when she had an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show. Simon the bunny, Tarantula the goat, and Norman, the dog are just some of them. She has been with Norman the longest — for fourteen years.

When Cuoco and her husband contacted the moving company to transfer into their $11.75 million Hidden Hills estate in California, their pets also moved in with them. Karl Cook is no stranger to animals, too, as he is an equestrian. The actress was so excited about their move and documented it on Instagram. Their adorable pets would have also loved the farmhouse-style property as they have plenty of space.