Some celebrities get the hang of being famous and they have accepted the fact that stardom comes with a lot of packages and one of those unavoidable packages is the paparazzi. While it’s true that they often get annoyed with the paparazzi, most of them choose to handle these independent photographers with grace or sometimes, with humor, sarcasm, and so many more tactics. There happens to be a list of celebrities who are known to always have fun whenever the paparazzi are around. Maybe it is their way of telling themselves that people like the paparazzi are to be taken lightly, that is all. It is not necessary to throw punches and hire a lawyer to sue if what’s being done seemed harmless enough.

Celebrities find it more relaxing when they turn their frown upside down and stay calm when their personal space is invaded by the paparazzi instead of going all gaga. They can’t control the situation anyway so the least they can do is take some positivity out on a negative situation.

Here are some of the most hilarious ways of how the biggest stars dealt with the paparazzi.

Jim Carrey

Actor and comedian Jim Carrey wore a bikini to the beach. Well, he wasn’t at first. His wife was wearing the one-piece black swimsuit, while Carrey was wearing regular men’s trunks. The couple was holding hands while walking around, and then he noticed a lot of paparazzi around. The couple disappeared for a minute, and a little while later, his wife was wearing a dress and Carrey wore the swimsuit. It certainly caught everyone’s attention, and it fit him perfectly, too. This will go on to be one of the most memorable paparazzi counterstrikes of all time. No need to sue or hire lawyers for situations like this!

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence has never been one to back down from anything, and the paparazzi are no exception to her boldness and attitude. Once, she put a pair of chopsticks in her mouth so she would look like a walrus with a pair of extremely long and large teeth. She knew there were cameras around and she thought her new look would be a great addition to her internet gallery. No arguments there – in fact, this photo is a good investment for the meme world.

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell might seem like a strict and formal man but he isn’t when it comes to paparazzi. He showed his sarcasm once while on a yacht. He acted like he was talking to someone on the phone and as he turned around, he was holding a yellow banana up to his ear.

David Beckham

David Beckham knows how to get the paparazzi – and that’s by making his kid do all the work. When he was once out with his baby in his arms, the toddler couldn’t help but stick out her tongue to the camera.

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn have always been a fun couple to be around. They showed just how fun they were when they were out grabbing a meal on the streets of L.A. and they saw the paparazzi. They ended up laughing and pointing towards the cameras and they acted like they were extremely happy to see the camera people. Good thing they were not in a bad mood and called for their lawyers.


Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale once held up a puppy to cover her face the entire time she was out on a sunny day at L.A. It’s as simple, as private, and as cute as that.