Hollywood celebrities can only be so prepared when it comes to performing on stage or going to events, such as premiere nights or red carpet affairs. As flawless and graceful they come off at all times, there are days when their clothes or even double-sided sticky tapes turn against them.
Wardrobe malfunctions have become a natural part of a celebrity’s life. No matter how famous they are, they’re not exempted from the occasional fashion mishap. Take note, some of their clothes cost a load of investment money, yet a simple breeze can easily ruin their day.
Check out these crazy celebrity wardrobe malfunctions caught on camera:

Sarah Hyland

Cut-out dresses have been a trend these days, but sometimes they just don’t give us a fabulous look. Sarah Hyland experienced a wardrobe malfunction when her Spanx shapewear had a mind of its own. She walked the 2017 Emmys red carpet wearing a big smile until someone pointed out the flaw. The Modern Family star, with all her humor, even published the photos on her Instagram account. She was probably even laughing at her experience.

Hailee Steinfeld

The rising star also experienced a grand welcome from the Hollywood industry with a mini wardrobe mishap. Hailee Steinfeld looked stunning wearing a sheer, ruffled, floor-length gown at the 2017 Oscars red carpet. Every inch of her look was incredible, from her smoky eye to the ruffled back and flowy skirt.
The organza fabric ripped and caused a tiny hole above her waist. Still, she kept slaying the flooring with grace and poise. After all, it’s the Oscars!

Chloë Grace Moretz

Chloë Grace Moretz wasn’t going to let a tear in her purple velvet dress stop her from looking totally flawless. On her way to Watch What Happens Live!, the actress stopped outside to take photos with her fans and sign some autographs. One of the captured photos showed off a massive rip in the seam of her dress.
The 24-year-old star seemed unbothered about the setback. To her credit, Moretz was able to maintain composure and proudly wore the ripped dress. She even spent the night being hilarious on air. Talk about being a true professional!

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts came prepared when she attended the red carpet premiere of her film The Blackcoat’s Daughter until her entire sleeve turned against her. She recalled that it might have exposed her body, but the good thing is, it didn’t completely fall off on the flooring.
Belonging from a family of actors, Roberts probably has the know-how about managing wardrobe malfunctions. In case you don’t know, she’s the niece of A-lister Julia Roberts.


After spending decades in the performing arts, Beyoncé should know better about holding her wardrobe together. At one time, her sparkly tight leotard tore while singing Halo in one of her concerts.  It’s no wonder she’s called Queen Bey as she reacted flawlessly. Indeed, nothing can stop the veteran artist from giving her best performances that could gas up anyone’s day.

Elizabeth Olsen

Another wind incident is from Elizabeth Olsen. A little gust sent her skirt flying upwards, but did you know what she did? She had it covered with her clutch and posed like Marilyn Monroe. Yes, like a glam queen!
Olsen attended the Miu Miu fragrance launch party held in Paris, although we’re unsure whether she had a business investment there. As we all know, her twin sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley, are into the fashion scene.
Anyhow, what we’re only sure of is that wearing skirts on a windy day could totally ruin your day.