Even in the earlier years of civilization, before the first town was supplied with electricity, people already had a passion for storytelling. Although these stories were often told in public gatherings, many tales were performed on a stage or a platform, with actors reenacting its events. Besides the stage, though, actors have since been given a chance to showcase their talents through another medium – films. Like theater productions, creating a movie takes time and plenty of creativity. Of course, as a result, many of the things that happen behind the scenes sometimes become just as popular as the film’s story. Now, in case you’re interested, let’s talk about a couple of fun facts behind the making of a few of our favorite films.

The Story Behind Its Most Iconic Line – Jaws

At this point, the film industry has introduced us to numerous timeless classics. One such movie would undoubtedly be Jaws, which also takes credit for being cinema’s first blockbuster. Among its many memorable moments, it’s safe to say that the one referenced the most would be when Sheriff Brody gets a close and personal look at the ever-lurking shark. Caught off-guard, Brody utters a sentence that has since become synonymous with the film. Turns out, the sentence was ad-libbed by the actor. As great as it is, the line started as an inside joke the cast and crew shared throughout production. Due to budget constraints, they were only provided a small boat, which posed as a storage facility of sorts for their days filming on the water. Of course, the boat wasn’t fit for the task, but the cast and crew still found something to laugh about despite the predicament. Thanks to that, we now have one of the most iconic lines ever uttered in a film: “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

Who Drew Jack’s French Girls? – Titanic

Before making his way into the film industry, James Cameron worked a variety of jobs, such as a janitor and truck driver, to help with whatever personal loans he had. During his free time, though, he would read books about filmmaking. A few years later, after being inspired by George Lucas’ Star Wars movie, Cameron began his career as a filmmaker. Today, he is often ranked among the best film directors who ever graced the industry. Besides directing, however, Cameron also showcased another talent while making the now-classic movie Titanic. The story takes place on the titular ship and focuses on Jack and Rose’s love story. One of the movie’s iconic scenes is when Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jack makes a sketch of Kate Winslet’s Rose. Although his on-screen persona was established as a talented artist, it wasn’t Leonardo who drew Kate and the other French girls in his sketchbook. Now, who was it, you ask? Well, it was none other than Cameron, the filmmaker himself!

Boo’s Voice Actress – Monsters, Inc.

Besides live-action movies, many studios spend portions of their investment money on animated films. One such example would be Disney’s Monsters, Inc. As the title suggests, the movie focuses on the monsters Mike and Sully, who, along the way, meet an unlikely companion – Boo, a two-year-old human girl. For their voices, Mike and Sully’s were provided by actors Billy Crystal and John Goodman, respectively. For Boo, however, the crew initially planned to voice the adorable character themselves. After a few attempts of making their best impression of a two-year-old, they gave up. Luckily, one of the storyboard artists had a daughter who was just as cute as the animated toddler, so as a result, they had her voice Boo. Even so, the task was easier said than done. Throughout the recording process, the crew often chased the at-the-time two-year-old Mary Gibbs around the studio because she just wouldn’t stay still. To have her say the lines, they’d often play around, tickle, and give Gibbs some candy so she could provide the emotion they needed.

It Was Sushi All Along – The Matrix

More often than not, filmmakers utilize movies as a medium to express their thoughts. With that said, it comes as no surprise that numerous films have provided some degree of commentary on various topics, such as life and reality itself. Well, one such title that provided its own take regarding the world as we know it is undoubtedly The Matrix. For its story, The Matrix establishes that everything is a simulation, and the reality is that machines use humans as an energy source. To further emphasize the simulated reality, one of the film’s enduring images is a series of green texts descending like raindrops. Although on-screen they depict codes for a program; in actuality, they’re just sushi recipes the production designer found in a cookbook.