Movies go to great lengths and make investments worth millions just to make certain complicated scenes as realistic as possible. Have you ever wondered what might go on behind the scenes of some of Hollywood’s biggest productions? It might surprise you to know that a lot of the drama actually happens off-screen!
From actors risking life and limb for the shot to iconic one-liners that turned out to be improvisations, here are some movie facts that you may not have known about!

1.Brendan Fraser – The Mummy

Shooting action scenes always come with some risk, which is why stunt people or body doubles are often given credit for their amazing work. These professionals know exactly what they’re getting into and how to avoid the worst-case scenario. For one scene in the 1999 film The Mummy, however, actor Brendan Fraser decided to take on the task himself. At first, it was going great, but the noose that was supposed to wrap around his neck had to be adjusted. That was because things went wrong and the actor was knocked out cold for 18 whole seconds!

2.Alicia Silverstone – Clueless

Next up, we have Alicia Silverstone who portrayed Cher Horowitz in the iconic 90’s film Clueless. There were many hilarious scenes that would send anyone rolling on the flooring, but one of the most memorable would have to be Cher mispronouncing the word “Haitians”. Truth was, this wasn’t scripted and Silverstone simply did not know how to properly pronounce it. Director Amy Heckerling found it so funny that she kept everyone from correcting her and decided to keep the scene in the final cut.

3.Michael B. Jordan – Black Panther

Killmonger’s “Hey, Auntie.” line didn’t just draw gasps from audiences, it also set the tone for any further interaction between his character and the rest of Wakanda’s nobility. It’s a subtle touch that further adds to the weight of his character, but did you know that the line was not part of the script? Actor Michael B. Jordan improvised it on the spot, which also took veteran actress Angela Bassett by surprise. Nonetheless, it added more gas to the fire between the characters and remains one of the most memorable moments in the entire movie.

4.Billy Crystal – Toy Story

Fans of the Pixar animated movie might be bummed out after they find out that Billy Crystal was the original pick for Buzz Lightyear’s voice. However, he had to turn down taking a role in this popular 1995 flick. In fact, Crystal considers it the only regret he has in his career. Can you imagine him bringing life to one of animation’s most beloved characters? Fortunately, Tim Allen, who is just as perfect a fit, took over for him. We say this is great investment planning on the part of the film’s producers. As for Crystal, he did get to work with Pixar in Monsters, Inc. where he voiced Mike Wazowski.

5.Sean Astin – The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings

On-set accidents do happen and while they tend to be small injuries, most of the time, there are instances where it can be quite serious. We all know that actor Viggo Mortensen, who played Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings, ended up breaking his toe after kicking a metal bucket. However, did you also know that Sean Astin, who portrayed the ever-reliable Sam, also had an accident of his own? Astin accidentally stepped on a shard of glass, which lodged in his foot. We sure hope that his insurance covered him for this one. To make matters more complicated, they were filming more than an hour away from town. A chopper had to be called to the scene to take them to the hospital.

We’ve all heard of the term “movie magic,” but even today, a lot of the seemingly impossible scenes are done using practical effects. We really have to applaud the stunt crew and the actors themselves for pulling through each time!